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2018 Draw Down

The CHS Athletic Boosters Invite you to the 2018 annual Draw Down EventThe Draw Down is a major fundraiser for the CHS Athletic Boosters. All proceeds support student athletes and athletic programs at Central High School. Please join us on Sat. April 14, 2018at The Golf Club of Illinois, 1575 ...
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Thanks to All for your support at the Golf Outing!

A ROCKET thank you to all who supported the CHS Athletic Booster Golf Outing which was September 9th. Preliminary numbers reflect a profit of $25,000 and we couldn't have done it without your continued support. With the field house right around the corner, it is a very exciting time for ...
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2017 CHS Athletic Booster Scholarship Winners

On May 30 2017, the CHS Athletic Boosters was please to award 4 seniors with $1000 scholarships each at the CHS Senior Awards night.2017 CHS Athletic Booster Scholarship Winners:James FayMegan Safranski2017 Jacob Frazier Memorial Scholarship Winners:Maddie DrescherTaVonte HarrisThis year 20 students applied for the Athletic Booster Scholarships. The recipients were ...
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