June 2016 Minutes

Attendance Below:

Michele Schutta X
Mary Kay Albamonte
Kathy Sherman  
Angela Matijevic X
Kameron Fischer X
Steve Diversey X
Katie Anderson X
Cathy Drescher X
Kristen Rosenberg X
Tracy Zettl X
Lisa Garbacz X
Cindy Rohl X
Deb Quinn/Nancy Yarnell X
Julie Skaja X
Pam Conn X
Sharon Boron X
Christine Studt X
Mary Teets X
Jennifer Clouser  
Lisa Mariani  
Carrie Zaccaria  
Laura Rabe X
Tracy Kries X
Connie Moring X
Catherine Lenschow X
Debbie McMillan X
Bob Schmitt X
Kevin Gannon  



Call to orderMeeting was called to order at 7:14 p.m. by Michele Schutta at Pam Conn’s home.

Guests  Maddie Drescher, Coach Melvin

Approval of minutes All minutes approved for May 2016 meeting; Lisa Garbacz motioned, Mary Teets seconded; approved unanimously.

Presentation of Funding Requests:  

Coach Govea is requesting $ 1,707.00 to replace the wrestling records board in the commons area.

Treasurer’s Report: Kameron Fischer reports

The bank balance as of May 31, 2016 was $50,899.87.  Available funds are $20,361.37.

Approval of Funding Requests:

Coach Govea is requesting $ 1,707.00 to replace the wrestling records board in the commons area.  Pam Conn motioned to approve, Kristen Rosenberg seconded; unanimously approved.

Funding Issues

Michele Schutta stated we have an additional $ 3,500.00 available as the full amount approved to the P.E department in the amount of. $ 10,000.00 was not fully utilized.  The treadmills were not needed.   Steve Diversey reported the treadmills were not approved based on electrical restrictions and the possibility of a new weight room being looked into with the addition.

Several issues on our wish lists were not being recommended by Steve Diversey per his meetings with coaches and what the school actually needs at this time. The new scoreboard for the football field was not approved by the school district.  Thus purchasing via Side Effects is not an option right now. So we are looking at Nevco and what scoreboard options they have.   Steve is trying to determine what funds his department has left to apply to the purchase of the scoreboard.  He has $ 8,200.00 left in his budget from 2015 and will then add what he has left from his 2016 budget.  The grounds crew will donate what they can.   Would the Boosters be willing to donate as much as they can?  If we contribute $ 20,000.00 to the scoreboard and with a few other minor expenditures, we will have approximately $ 5,149.00 left in our checking account not including funds designated for other already approved expenses.  There is a message board optional addition that costs $ 14,900.00 plus to install would be another $ 2,600.00.  This optional addition can be added at a later date as long as we include the panel options at the bottom of the score board.

Kathy Drescher motions to approve $ 20,000.00 to donate towards the new score board, Tracy Kries seconded; approved unanimously.

Michele Schutta summarized our funding grants to all the sports for the 2015/2016 school year.  It details the amounts spent on camps/tournaments vs. equipment.

Athletic Director ReportSteve Diversey reports

We are moving forward with the first phase of the construction project.  The muddy grassy area outside the gym doors by the football field parking lot will be tackled first.  It is out for quote now for the CAD room, weight room, music room expansion and Driver’s Ed area are all possibilities.  This project does not require the referendum to be passed.  Phase I would possibly be done the 2017-2018 school year. The larger section of the field house will need to be funded by passing a referendum.

Steve is still looking for a cheer and a soccer coach.  We don’t have certain positions open until after the June school board meeting.  We are not getting strong applications submitted for the open positions.

President’s Report:   Michele Schutta reports

Michele summarized the major changes that have occurred over the last two years, 2014-2016.

Vice President’s Report:  MaryKay Albamonte absent

By-Law Changes:


Article II  – Objectives
Section 1. G. To further support deserving athletes beyond high school, by
awarding the Jacob Frazier Memorial Scholarship and the Athletic Booster
Scholarship to four individual athletes.


Article VI  – Elections
Section 1. The election of new officers shall take place at the June
annual meeting.  New officers will begin their term on August 1st after
being elected.


Article XII  – Communications
Section 3. For privacy reasons, any athletic parent contact information
the Boosters receive in the form of email addresses is for Athletic
Booster use and shall not be distributed outside of the Booster


All in favor, approved unanimously

Election of New Officers (Finish)

Bob Schmitt accepts the position of President, Kristen Rosenberg accepts Vice President, Kameron Fischer will accept the position of Treasurer and Katie Anderson will be the new funding director.


Representative Reports

  • Scholarship: Boosters scholarships were awarded to Becka Gerke and Nick Harvey.  Emily Kisch and Luke McCurdy were awarded the Jacob Frazier scholarships.
  • Draw Down: Kristen Rosenberg is looking for approval of a date for the draw down.  April 8th or April 15th of 2017.  
  • Rocketwear: No Report
  • Technology (Website): Bob Schmitt said the new website is live.  Steve Diversey will discuss training with the coaches for funding procedures.
  • Golf Outing: The golf outing will be at the Elgin Country Club on August 20th at 1:30pm.  There are ongoing meetings.

Liaison Reports

Baseball:   No report

Boys Basketball:  No report

Boys Basketball:  No Report

Girls Basketball:  No Report

Cheer:  No Report

Cross Country:  No report

Football:  No report

Golf:   No report

Poms:  No report

Boys Soccer:  No report

Girls Soccer:  No report


Softball:  Banquet tonight

Boys Track:  Tracy said they are discussing charities and had many athletes that went to state.

Girls Track:  Pam Conn reported they won both conferences and Megan Safranski went to state.

Volleyball:  No report

Wrestling:   No report

Other Business:  Gifts were given to outgoing liaisons and to Michele Schutta as the outgoing president.

Adjournment:   Meeting ended at 8:35 p.m.  The motion was made by Mary Teets and Kristen Rosenberg seconded to adjourn; all in favor, motion carried.

Next MeetingAugust 9, 2016 ?

Respectfully Submitted by Angela Matijevic