Sports liaisons are the core to bridging the gap between our sports teams and the booster club. Liaison duties vary by sport, but in addition to commitment and a great sense of humor, it entails communicating between coaches, parents and the Boosters, attendance at monthly Booster meetings, participation in the annual Draw Down, and assisting with funding requests for your sport. This is an important role. We appreciate all of our volunteers, and welcome everyone to attend our monthly meetings.

Booster Liaison Duties

  1. To communicate with the coaches and parents.
  2. Attend monthly meetings and have a vote on Booster expenditures.
  3. Coordinate Team Donation Basket to either Draw Down or Golf Outing.
  4. Coach / Booster funds request coordinator
  5. Be a sounding board back to Boosters.
  6. Be Proactive
  7. Come up with ideas that might benefit your sport, generate a few dollars back to boosters and be fun for the kids.
  8. Concessions: While working concessions is not your responsibility, you as the liaison need to make sure that there are people there either to organize or work concessions. It is not your sole responsibility.
  9. Communication between your coach, the parents, the athletic department and the Central High School Athletic Boosters.
  10. Provide info back to the boosters on State Qualifiers.
  11. Help form committee of parents to:
    • Help plan banquets for your sport, fall, winter, spring…
    • Help form a committee/parents to organize Senior Day
    • Help form a committee/parents to organize Pack the House
    • Organize 50/50 raffles

Sports Liaisons

Athletic Director:
Steve Diversey
Liaison Email

Stephanie Rapp

Cheer Booster Information
Liaison Email

Julie Semyck

Heather Whitworth

Dance Booster Information

Booster Representatives

Representative Email

Lori Hensler

Representative Email

Matt Clark

Pam Conn

Representative Email

Rebecca Peterson

Jane Schmitt

Representative Email

Colleen Ballantyne

Representative Email

Bob Schmitt