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2019 Golf Outing Golf Balls

301 Golf Balls Will Be Sold At $25 Each Winners split 50% of the collected amount, of that 50% – closest gets 50%, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%. This is like a traditional 50/50 with 3 winners getting a portion of the 50%. If all 301 balls sell, $3750 will ...
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Take a step into all of the sports at CHS. See information about each one and which booster member(s) is assisting our coaches.


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May not be amazon, but you can't find Rocketwear anywhere else like this. (Coming Soon: Online Payments)

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From donations to fundraisers, the boosters are always raising the bar in order to get the best for our athletes. Go Here to donate or for you coaches, submit your requests.


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