2018 CHS Athletic Booster Scholarship Winners


Annually the Central High School Athletic Boosters are very proud to award two $1000 scholarships to a male and female athlete. The primary qualifications for this scholarship is participation in at least one sport each year while at Central High School, demonstrating good sportsmanship, being a positive role model and leader, while maintaining 3.0 GPA or better. This year 21 students applied for this scholarship.  The recipients of The Athletics Boosters Scholarship are chosen by a committee comprised of the Central head coaches, the Athletic Director and the Booster Scholarship Liaison.

Congratulations to our 2018 CHS Athletic Boosters Scholarship winners: Zach Schutta & Chloe Bilyk


The Jacob Frazier Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to two deserving senior athletes (1 male/1 female) who have been nominated by coaches at Central for exemplifying the same characteristics that Jacob displayed in his life.  These qualities include having total dedication, a positive mental attitude and a strong work ethic.  Please note that the above characteristics is not necessarily your best athlete on the team but display the above stated personal qualities.  Each recipient was awarded a $1000 scholarship. There were many student athletes nominated this year by many coaches and all were exceptional choices.

Congratulations to our 2018 Jacob Frazier Memorial Scholarship winners: Jordan King & Michael Kalusa


Thanks to the Tactical Air Control Party Association we are also pleased to have had the opportunity to offer a newly created award called the Jacob Frazier – TACP Scholarship

This $1000 award to is recognize an outstanding young person in the CHS community that will be serving our country as either having accepted an ROTC Role in College or have direct plans to enter the United States Military upon graduation from CHS.  While not a requirement to have been a CHS athlete this award winner was and was also a highly respected team leader.

Congratulations to our 2018 Jacob Frazier-TACP Scholarship winner: Ryan Ledebuhr